Monday, September 12, 2011

Here's the Point.


Hey, look - we just do like we're told. Sometimes jobs make no apparent sense, as was The Point KWPT 100.3 & 102.7 FM promotional photos for a pending Freddie Mercury-inspired event (check out the poster). But Lost Coast Communications On Air Personalities John Matthews and Andy Powell were game. It's a living. We take photos. Often, weird ones.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jessica on the Roof!

It's been great to meet and work with Jessica Pettitt. But it's tough to keep up with her. The diversity speaker and workshop leader travels nationwide year round to college campuses and major workshops (like the TED Conference) guiding programs in social justice. And her talks aren't boring - part comedy routine - so she needed photography the properly represented her - attitude as well as quick wit and laugh. More of Jess at

Friday, July 29, 2011

Biggest. Groom's Party. Ever.

There's already enough stress surrounding a wedding. Why make a groom play favorites with his longtime friends? So figured Mike Ripley last weekend at the Carrville Inn in north Trinity County. Seventeen. Yeah, Mikey tapped out at 17 groomsmen - a combination of high school friends, loyal coworkers as well as new and old family members. And they got a sweet deal on orange guayaberas - lending the sunny afternoon a decidedly Hi-Bro-Glow. Ripley's a dude's dude, but not to his detriment, saving most of his attention for bride Meredith Maier.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wining + *WINNING*

Much of the excitement attached to Humboldt County photography is connected to that known unknown: weather. At the coast, the marine layer rules the day. Inland, toward the Trinity Mountains, a sunny morning can easily turn to thunderstorms. Rain falls... it's a given. Hence the natural beauty of well-watered foliage. When Marina and Russell's Trinity County - Straw House wedding turned inclement and their couple's portraits remained to shoot, we suggested meeting them again... beyond the stress of the big day and let them get back to what the day was all about: their party. Great call as Portland Photographer Joni Schrantz was in town within days and was looking for a beautiful bride to photograph - and Winnett Winery welcomed all with open arms. The dress, Marina had designed with Arcata's Angelica Atelier, got the light it deserved.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Senior 2011-12 Portrait Kickoff

Gearing up for 2011-12 Senior Portraits and luck to have Kaylee S-W interning. What better way to learn the posing and lighting direction than have KSW in front of the camera... and she brought good friend Ivy on Wednesday evening. It's gonna rock!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Larson-Creager Wedding

Smashing wedding at Fieldbrook Winery: Larson-Creager Wedding among family and friends, Saturday. Arcata native Keri met Dustin while a sports photographer at Humboldt State University... and things developed. Dustin was a standout on the field and holds several NCAA football records. Now in SoCal, Dustin is busting through nursing school and they're on their way to a great life. We were honored to photograph this day.